August 26, 2010

The Better Plastic Bag

Are you one of those people that packs your toiletries in plastic bags when you travel? I am! My mom always taught me to double bag anything that could explode or leak in your suitcase. And, yes there have been times when I had some fabulous designer toiletry bag only for it to be almost immediately rendered useless after a shampoo explosion, probably mid-flight. And, then, back to using good-ole plastic bags again. Well, if you are like me, wanting to be sensible and stylish, I have found the perfect thing for you. Tili Bags - see here. It's basically a decorated plastic bag. Genius!

Tili Bags Large Box (12 one gallon bags), $8.49


  1. Such a chic alternative to Ziploc!

  2. now this is perfect. i'm totally guilty of stuffing all of my toiletries, shampoos, whatever else, into bags.

    p.s. going to look at those anthro shoes now - they're very miu miu!

  3. I'm the exact same way. I'm going out of town soon, so thank you for this lovely post.