September 27, 2010

Fashion Flashback

Photo Credits: Louis Vuitton;; featuring Vogue vintage prints.

Fashion magazines and style sites alike are declaring Fifties inspired fashion is back. Now this is a trend I think we can all get behind. Maybe it was this show's amazing costumes, maybe it was Marc Jacobs, maybe it was a desire to return to a fuller silhouette... who knows? But this is a trend that I think that all of you, Young Sophisticates, will embrace. Classic style is timeless. The Louis Vuitton Beauty Pumps from the above ad campaign are ridiculously gorgeous. Mimic the real thing by learning how to make your own bow shoes.

These blue matlesse boxes are adorable. And, Vogue has recently released The Vogue Archive Collection - including style icons Grace Kelly and Jackie O - available for purchase here.


  1. Yeah, I read that fifties is back too and longer skirts to go with it. I'm feeling hesitant on mid calf length skirts...will have to see!

  2. I adore the fifties style! Especially Grace Kelly's wardrobe. Love the LV campaign this season.

    Robbie xox

  3. love that picture . timeless

  4. I think that Louis Vuitton ad is my favorite thing ever, and I never thought I would say that about an ad.


  5. i love a cinched waist! nothing looks better!

  6. love hat boxes-I use them all over my house :)