September 23, 2010

Heather Knight Ceramics

Photo Credit: Element Clay Studio,

Artist Heather Knight finds inspiration in the natural world. Her beautiful ceramic pieces are now available for sale online in her very own Etsy shop, Element Clay Studio - very cool considering that her work is featured in art galleries and museums across the country. Knight is based in Asheville, North Carolina where she continues to create modern and unique pieces.

1. Element Clay Studio Baby Scallop Bowl, $25
2. Element Clay Studio Set of 3 Nesting Scallop Bowls, $150
3. Element Clay Studio Micro Tile Hydrangea, $85


  1. heather's designs are absolutely amazing. we are so proud to carry her beautiful work on !

  2. Wow! Her ceramics are lovely. I love the bright pops of colour inside the small bowls.

  3. If you enjoy Heather's work ...check out her new solo exhibition at MudFire gallery in Atlanta. It's been posted on-line and can be viewed here: