October 30, 2010

Fantastic Feathers.

Photo Credits: via Fashion Gone Rogue; Victoria & Albert Museum, The Golden Age of Couture; The Cherry Blossom Girl via Simply Seductive.

There is something so glamorous and feminine about feather detailing on a dress, a clutch, or a ballgown. The dress in the middle was part of an exhibit at the Victoria & Albert museum in London. So pretty!

Do you own something with feathers on it? What is it?


  1. All these pieces are so beautiful! I don't own anything with feathers, but these pictures make me want to fill my closet with them!

  2. I don't own anything with feathers for the moment, but I've been very tempted! These pics make me want to look for feathered things even more :)

  3. I love the message of your blog and I love your blog. Definitely be back here.