October 26, 2010

Spotlight on Berman: Exclusive Interview with Accessories Designer Alexis Berman, Promo Code, and lots of Crystal Headbands!

Designer Alexis Berman dreams up exquisite, feminine headbands and hair accessories with some serious sparkle. Now, you can look oh-so fabulous by wearing one of her absolutely beautiful crystal headbands from her line, Berman. This LA-based designer knows what her customers like (shiny, sparkly, pretty) and delivers glamorous accessories. I asked her what inspires her creations...

1. What inspires your line?

Love and adornment. I make each headband by hand as if it were a crown for a princess bride. I love the notion of fantasy. The Cinderella Stretch headband, for example, was inspired by Cinderella and the classic Disney story. Cinderella wore lots of hair accessories!

2. Before starting Berman, you worked as an artist. Do you still paint when you aren't designing?

Yes, painting is a huge part of who I am and I continue to have art shows and sell my work. I studied and practiced fine art at UCLA for 5 years while I was there getting my BFA. Painting is a deeper more complex part of my creative expression. I also write. I have a fun little blog called Once Upon A Shine. I have different mediums and outlets to express myself, but designing jewelry and hair accessories is the most fun.

3. You are the creative force behind Berman, while your sister runs the business aspects of Berman. What is it like working with your sister, Sari?

My sister, Sari is the smartest person I know. She is extremely driven and business minded, where as I am artistic and tend to focus more on the product and pieces in the line. We work really well together. I am the creative force and designer, but at the end of the day, Sari is the boss.

Designer Alexis Berman (on left) with her sister and business partner, Sari.

4. Where do you like to shop in LA?

I love Fred Segal - I think it’s the best shopping destination in LA. I just bought Fiorentini Baker leather boots from there! I also like Intermix on Robertson - they have great shoes and dresses. For cheap thrills I shop at Forever 21 or StyleExpress in Culver City.

5. Where can our reader’s buy your gorgeous headbands and hair accessories?

You can buy our accessories online at www.LoveBerman.com or at Fred Segal in Santa Monica.

Berman Russian Doll Headdress

6. What do you like to do when you are not designing fabulous headbands and hair accessories?

I love to travel. I can never stay home for too long! Just this summer I was in England, France, Italy, Morocco, and Spain. All those places largely influenced my 2011 collection. Last month my sister and I took a girls only vacation to Hawaii. Traveling is a huge part of who I am - I’ve been to 40 different countries and have been inspired every step of the way.

A peak inside the Berman studio.

7. Any future plans to expand your business? What’s next in line for Berman?

My dream is to expand the line into a complete lifestyle brand which would include costume and fine jewelry, beauty, and home.

Photo Credits: Photography by Harper Smith, via Berman (first and last photos on post); Courtesy of Berman.

More sparkly and stunning headbands - the Mouna, Flower Garland, and the Crystal Bow headbands are dreamy and unabashedly feminine.

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