January 17, 2011

Golden Globes Best Dressed

Photo Credit: see more Golden Globes photos via Just Jared

And the best dressed at the Golden Globes is...

Emma Stone

The fashion from the Golden Globes blew me away last night! So many gorgeous gowns, it was hard to pick a winner. However, talented young actress Emma Stone gets my vote for best dressed. Simple elegance reigns supreme in this look. Emma wore a minimalist Calvin Klein collection dress, with an open back. The newly blonde actress made her mark in the fashion world last night wearing this peachy coral colored dress.

The big color trend of the night was blush as starlets wore all shades of pink (Claire Danes, Lea Michele). Another big color trend was green with Angelina wearing a very modern emerald green sequined dress, Catherine Zeta-Jones wearing a strapless green dress and Mila Kunis wearing a beautiful asymmetrical green gown. And, of course, many stars went for black - my favorite black dress was Julia Stiles' ruffled asymmetrical gown. I also loved the glamorous gowns worn by Olivia Wilde (Marchesa) and Scarlett Johannson (Elie Saab) - but wasn't crazy about their hair styles. I especially loved Scarlett's dress as I have been obsessed with for quite a while - pictured on left in the picture.

If you loved Emma Stone's look, try a more casual dress (at an accessible price). If you want to mimic the minimalist red carpet look, this Calvin Klein dress (majorly marked down right now) oozes minimalist chic.

Who, in your opinion, was the best dressed at the Golden Globes?


  1. so lovely!!!

    I'm leaving for Australia today! Hope you come follow my adventures :)


    xoxo, summer

  2. she was front row, and i oogled her dress every time someone walked by her to get their award.
    good call.
    i thoughtm for once, megan fox didn't look trashy and had a nice dress too. HATED J Lo's and Natalie Portmans. I know many people thought she looked good, but i thought the pink silk/satin looked cheap and the flower was stupid. she should have wore a nice Jessica Alba-y dress when she was term. whatev, what do I know, im just a housewife!