January 15, 2011

Nominate YS for a Bloggie

If you enjoy reading this blog, please take a minute to nominate YS for a Bloggie award. Please nominate YS in the category "Best New Weblog" along with 2 other new blogs of your choice (aka, created in 2010). Voting closes tomorrow 1/16/11 at 10 pm EST - so hurry and cast your vote now. Thanks in advance for your help!

1. Go to the Bloggie site: http://2011.bloggi.es/
2. Enter in the category "Best New Weblog" (it's green and towards the bottom of the page):


{note: you must nominate 3 blogs for this category for your vote to count; so I have listed 2 other great new blogs to make it easier for you to vote; I Love That! is a fantastic fashion/beauty/design blog by a YS reader; and K Bakes is an adorable baking blog that I stumbled across recently.}

3. Click, "Submit your nomination" and then confirm your vote through the verification email.

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