January 20, 2011

Reinvent Your Wardrobe

Photo Credit: Katie Lee's Dressing Room via La Dolce Vita

After the Holidays, I began the long and arduous process of cleaning out my closet. Actually, I am exaggerating... it wasn't really that tough.

I wanted to start off 2011 without the clutter. I finished bagging up the things I haven't worn in a really long time and donated the stuff to Goodwill.

I once heard the expression, "when in doubt, throw it out", suggested as a mantra for closet-cleaning. Well, I finally threw out items that had been sitting there for a long, long time - allowing me to reinvent my wardrobe. I must say now that I can actually see what I have, it is so much easier to get dressed in the morning. It allows me to create a lovely new outfit on a whim - love that!

Once you get your closet in order, create your own "dressing room" ~ maybe by adding some fresh flowers in a simple glass vase come spring to your bathroom. And, display your perfume in a pretty way - maybe by displaying it on a gorgeous vanity tray. Like this soft, romantic one from Juliska or if you want something more boho-chic try this one Crate & Barrel; or you may prefer this more expensive tray from Labrazel.

I also have some exciting news to share...

I am now a contributor for the blog CheapChicas where I will be writing a monthly LOOK FOR LESS column. I am super excited about it, and my first column comes out today - you can read it here.

Tell me what you think! I hope you like it. CheapChicas has been one of my favorite blogs for a while and it's all about looking fabulous on a budget. Young Sophisticates will continue on, of course, as a place for all things feminine, chic & sophisticated.

Thanks for your support & comments.


  1. Hi. Just found your blog from cheap chica's. I will definitely follow along : )
    I just cleaned out my closet for a fun feature coming up.

  2. I love the idea of putting all my perfumes on a chic little tray. I've seen it before but it never really struck me until I saw your post. Also, love Cheap Chica's so I'm thrilled you'll be a contributor - congrats!


  3. I love for the day that I can have a closet/dressing room! I've made my husband swear it will be a reality some day. Looking forward to reading your new column!

  4. I love your blog! It is great that you will be contributing to cheap chicas!

    Please follow mine!


  5. I am loving your blog! I am a new follower. I found you via cheapchicas. I can't wait to read more of your blog! :)
    I have a hard time throwing stuff out. I always think, "but I might wear that." I need to work on this! :)