January 11, 2011

School Days

This is the week that many students return to school. Whether you are a college student, grad student, or been out of school for many years & working (or in another life phase altogether), these style picks will apply to you and translate well to your lifestyle.

These looks translate to any age, making you look like the Young Sophisticate that you are!

I threw in the picture of the office at the bottom because it was just too cute and inspired me to get organized. Whether you are working or in school, an organized work space will get you off to a good fresh start for the new year!

{For a date/night out/dinner with friends}

If you are a girly girl, try this super feminine floral top and skirt from ASOS.

If you are looking for something pretty but still sophisticated, try this top from Modcloth paired with a pair of jeans in a dark wash and heels.

{For casual moments}

Take inspiration from Parisian chic - look at this red striped shirt from Anthropologie.

{For class/weekend}

This relaxed t-shirt from Madewell is still cool and modern. Pair with jeans and a pair of flats and perhaps a chunky black cardigan if you live somewhere cold.

Photo Credits: via ASOS; via LonnyMag.


  1. Love the shirt from Madwell! Super cute:)


  2. Oh I love this post!! Love all of the choices!