February 22, 2011

Spring Break Style Guide

Dear Young Sophisticates,

I am about to go on a Spring break trip to a Mexican beach town with some friends and I need some style suggestions on what to wear. What should I wear?

First of all, you are so lucky to be going to Mexico for a spring break! How fun! I would recommend first laying out all of your beach clothing and accessories (on your bed); once you have all of your options in front you, figure out what items you need to buy.

You should have the following essentials with you: sandals, signature beach cover up, bikini, maxi dress for evening, and a beach tote.

You will definitely need some sandals and both sandal picks are less than $25. For the beach, you can't go wrong with Havaiana's - there are so many colors to pick from! These mint and silver jeweled sandals from Lulu's are unique, fun and perfect when you're off the beach.

For your bikini, pick something that looks best on you. It doesn't need to be the trendiest cut or color, just something that you look great in & feel confident in. My favorite bathing suit designers right now are Shoshanna and Diane von Furstenberg.

For cover-ups, don't limit yourself to something that's sold as a cover up - remember, a cotton dress can work just as well! I saw an adorable white Xhilaration dress at Target that would work so well as a cover-up. There is a great swimsuit cover-up from Victoria Secret that is bright and comes in several beautiful colors and is less than $50. (pictured on right)

If you feel like wearing a pretty dress, wear a maxi dress while you drink margaritas and relax. If you want to splurge on a gorgeous maxi dress, this Milly halterneck dress is perfection!

For girls who treat beach bags as disposable, I have found the bag for you - this Forever21 C'est La Vie tote.

If you like to multi-task and use your beach bag as a magazine tote at the airport, purse by night, and beach bag by day, then go for a classic straw tote - like this one from J. Crew.

Photo Credit: via ladydianaz; via Victoria's Secret.

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Which Spring Break guide item do you like the best?


  1. Great tip to lay out all your clothes to evaluate what you need! I love the mint jeweled sandals and the milly maxi dress. Great advice :)

  2. live for my sunglasses, rainbows, and a good coverup!
    great words!

    xoxo em

  3. This all sounds so lovely... can imagine slipping off to Mexico with a stylish bag stuffed with all of the above. The little mint sandals are gorgeous!