March 24, 2011

Style Q&A: What to Pair with Orange Pieces?

Dear Young Sophisticates,

With orange being the color for spring, I love the idea of the cheery bright but I'm unsure of what colors or neutrals to pair with it. I have a beautiful tangerine pashima but I don't know what color combos would look modern rather than costumish. Thanks for your help!

Yes, orange is definitely big for spring, and sometimes it is confusing to figure out how to wear it in an everyday look.

You can mix all shades of orange with many different colors, but here are some practical and easy options for you. Orange was mixed with pink to great success on the runway (see photo on left) - definitely in style for spring 2011. If you decide to go for a two-color orange and pink ensemble, I would suggest pairing with nude or metallic espadrilles/heels/sandals {or, white sandals like the runway look works as well}.

Another fabulous pairing is orange with white - see photo below from the Lacoste Spring 2011 collection. Try an orange top with a pair of preppy white shorts or a white skirt. And, remember you can wear white year-round; so you can rock this look immediately if you want.

Photo Credit: Lacoste S/S 2011 via

Ultimately, go with whatever you like and feel good wearing; orange can be paired with all sorts of colors and prints. I personally love wearing navy blue and orange together.

And to apply these ideas to your specific question, use what you already have by wearing your tangerine pashmina with a solid white or pink shirt and jeans, and walk out the door with confidence as you wear this bright and cheery look.

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  1. Good question - orange can be tricky I have found. Black is always great - makes the color pop. I also love shades of green as it is the opposite of orange on the color wheel. Peach and pale green is lovely and a spring green with orange is vibrant and zingy. Also love white, blue and pink.