March 3, 2011

Tory Burch's Gorgeous Home

Tory Burch's home was recently photographed for
Instyle Magazine. It's unbelievably chic, like Tory herself.
Tory also told Instyle about her "passion for everything orange" -
to get more ideas how to incorporate orange into your
wardrobe, read the YS article "Spring's Hottest Color: Orange."

And, how fabulous is Tory's white dress?

Photo Credit: Francois Hilard; Instyle Magazine


  1. Rich colour at its most decadent and jewel~like! Looks like a glazed finish on the walls? That deep seaweed green looks fantastic against the pale and dark blues. And the orange? Such a happy colour! Would make for a lively dinner party.

    I recently found a vintage 1950s raffia handbag and matching gloves in a persimmon tone of orange ~ I will be wearing them right through autumn!

  2. just read the whole article in instyle! love love love
    xoxo em