December 21, 2011

Spotlight on: again & again

I recently discovered the most amazing vintage furniture store, again & again. The store, with two locations in Dallas, specializes in vintage furniture from the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's.

Again & again repairs furniture - repaint, refinish, reupholster, and slipcover - and then sells the fabulous furniture in the store.

Store owner Leslie Pritchard shares her tips with YS on how you can create a living space that suits your individual style. Leslie recommends, "mix old, new and luxurious for a home to create an atmosphere which is warm and welcoming, yet interesting and chic."

Here are some pictures of again & again's fabulous inventory, along with more of Leslie's decor tips...

Leslie says, "let your interests and personality show through, don't be stifled by following trends - buy the things you love. No matter what, everything works together!"

Don't be afraid to mix & match furniture finishes!
Leslie suggests, "do mix lacquered pieces and stained wood pieces in a room."

Add an element of luxury, a dose of old Hollywood glamour, with a chic blue sofa.

One of the best reasons to buy vintage furniture? The high quality of the pieces. Leslie says,
"the quality of older pieces is superior to furniture which can be purchased new today."

Photo Credit: Courtesy of again & again

Leslie Pritchard, owner of again & again, states, "refurbishing is a matter of personal style and taste. Some people like old and shabby, [and] some people like modern and glossy. I get enormous satisfaction from taking an older piece, which is boring and bland, and turning it into a glamorous piece by lacquering and/or adding a snappy modern fabric."

Regardless of where you live, think about incorporating vintage furniture into your living space; don't be afraid to buy what you love (regardless of trends). And, you can gather design inspiration by seeing photos of Leslie's home on The Decorista and Hilary Inspired.


  1. this store looks like a place I would just love to go to!

  2. Thank you so much for the mention, Rebecca! Leslie's work at Again & Again is so cool and her vintage pieces are always incredible!!