September 30, 2011

Glamorous Work Space

Photo Credit: via marcusdesigninc

With the Joy Cho interview, the k.slademade giveaway, and lots of fashion posts, it's been a busy week at YS.

Come back next week for a major fashion interview (!!), amazing style inspiration, interior design and more!

For now, I leave you with lots of leopard print in a dreamy workspace.

September 29, 2011

The k.slademade giveaway winner is...

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Runway Inspiration: Prabal Gurung

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{inspired by the color purple in Prabal Gurung's spring 2012 collection}

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September 28, 2011

Get the Look: Boucle Jacket and Jeans

We've all been hearing about how major flare jeans are this season.

How should you style this on trend denim silhouette? Take a style cue from Katie Holmes (pictured at left), and wear your 70's inspired jeans with a boucle jacket!!

When I think boucle jacket, I think of iconic Chanel jackets. However, you can still get the look even if you can't afford a Chanel jacket.

Wear a boucle jacket with a simple cotton t-shirt and your flare jeans, and you'll be all set for a stylish off-duty look for day or night.

Katie Holmes has also been spotted wearing an uber-chic white boucle jacket with flare jeans.

If you dream of wearing crisp whites into fall, go for this gorgeous designer white fringe boucle jacket on sale for around $200 or (if you aren't concerned about price) this gorgeous RTW Akris boucle jacket with black patent leather trim.

Get the look for less with this sophisticated Topshop Grosgrain Ruffle Boucle Jacket (pictured below).

If you are petite, you'll be happy to know you can get the same Topshop jacket in petite size: Topshop Petite Boucle Jacket.

You'll look simultaneously on trend and timeless when you wear this jacket with a white or black tee and your very own flare jeans. No need to spend a bundle on the flare jeans!! I recently purchased a pair at GAP that I've been thrilled with, so far.

Photo Credit: via sbpr; via Topshop

September 27, 2011

Glitter Shoes for Every Budget

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. But you know what else sparkles, and is much more affordable? A fabulous pair of sparkly heels!

Get ready to be thrilled by this little list of glitter shoes and boots.

For only around $50, shop these golden glitter mule style shoes. These shoes will be a fantastic transitional look for early fall, or even longer if you live in a warm weather city.

Obsessed with comfort and enjoy wearing TOMS? Then, check out these blue glitter TOMS for $54.

For around 60 bucks, snatch up these shiny, silver brogues from Topshop. They're snazzy chic. If you really love brogues in general, read YS' guide to Chic Brogues for Every Budget.

Spend a bit more and go for these ZARA Glitter heels (pictured below) - a stylish, fun pair of shoes for less than $100.

For around $200, silver Badgley Mischka pumps will make you the life of the party... they're cool, fun and perfect for fashionable fetes and cocktail parties.

The beauties (or booties, if you prefer) pictured above are designed by Miu Miu and are quite the sparkly style statement. Shop these ankle booties here. These are my favorite of all the glitter boots.

Want to all out splurge on sparkly high-end heels? Then, remember to look at the (arguably) grandest of all shoe designers, Christian Louboutin, when searching for couture shoes with plenty of glitter.
Photo Credit: Miu Miu via; ZARA via

September 26, 2011

An Interview with Joy Cho of Oh Joy!

Joy Deangdeelert Cho is a graphic designer, blogger behind the popular blog Oh Joy!, Market Editor of the magazine Anthology, and co-author of the book Creative, Inc. As if that weren’t enough, she also has her own line of stationary, home office products, and wallpaper (pictured below).

Joy talks about her love of style, graphic design and more with YS.

YS: How do you juggle so many different projects? Do you have advice for others working on several creative projects at once?

JOY: For me, I work best when I’m busy! Give me one thing to do, and I’m at a loss, but give me twenty and I’m in my comfort zone. I think what it comes down to, when working on a variety of projects, is to make sure they’re all things that you’re really excited about and that fit your business and brand. When you’re starting out, there are definitely times you take projects or work because you need the work or to build your portfolio, but after some time, hopefully you can be more choosy in what you take on and surround yourself with great work and great clients.

My number one tip for multi-tasking efficiently is to be organized. It sounds like the obvious solution, but you need to have a realistic look at what’s on your to-do list to be able to tackle them all on time and not get too overwhelmed. I use Google Calendar to track all of my current projects, due dates, and my personal life as well so that I always know what must be done any given day, week, or month. I swear I look at that thing 75 times a day!

YS: How would you describe your design aesthetic? Are you drawn to certain types of colors, shapes or patterns when you are designing?

JOY: I love color, pattern, and texture. I am not sure how to describe it other than the mix of those three things make me really happy.

YS: What projects are you currently working on?

JOY: I’m currently prepping for a bit of maternity leave, so I’m not taking on as many projects as usual, but I am wrapping on my second book, which is part of the Inc. series and will be out next fall. I can’t stay what it’s about yet, but it’s a topic that’s very dear to me and I’m super excited for it to come out.

YS: Where do you work on your projects? Do you have a studio? What is your studio like, if you have one?

JOY: Currently, my studio is in my house. I used to want to work in an outside studio so badly and have a separate place to work and not be distracted by my home space or my personal life, but I’ve gotten really used to working from home and absolutely love it now. My commute is really short, and I love the flexibility it provides me.

However, working from home does make it harder to separate work and personal [life] and have that balance. So, I always try and work between certain hours (usually 7:30am-6pm) and I don’t watch TV or sit in my living room during the day. I reserve that area and those activities for when work is done and my day is done.

YS: What’s your favorite part about being a graphic designer? Where do you find inspiration? How do you fuel your creativity?

JOY: I think graphic design has the potential to be such a great field because of the variety of things you can do with those skills if you work hard and keep learning.

I started in traditional print graphic design for an ad agency and moved on to designing textiles for products. It offers you the potential to crossover into typography, illustration, art direction, and so many other creative fields. I love it.

YS: You often write about food, restaurants, and other foodie favorites on your blog. Would you describe yourself as a foodie? Where are you favorite places to eat in L.A.?

JOY: I’m definitely a food enthusiast. It’s sort of my favorite activity to do in my spare time. I grew up with a family that had Thai restaurants for a living so food has always been part of my life. My current favorites in LA are: Mother Dough for pizza, Jitlada for Thai, Canele for brunch, Broome St. General for a mid-day snack, and Patisserie Chantilly for Japanese/French desserts.

YS: The “This and That” feature on your blog, Oh Joy!, shows the connection between fashion and home accessories. Do you feel there is a strong link between fashion and interior design?

JOY: I love the crossover of fashion and interiors, and when I’d design patterns or home products, I’d definitely look to fashion for inspiration. The “this & that” column came from my love of both things. I love that you can sense someone’s style and taste both by what they wear and from how their home is decorated.

YS: You have chronicled some of the adorable outfits you’ve worn during your pregnancy on Oh Joy! How have you achieved such a stylish pregnancy? Any clothing pieces or labels you would recommend to other pregnant fashionistas who’d like to achieve your bright, playful look?

JOY: Thank you! Well, it hasn’t been the easiest, but one thing I always try to do is not to hide the belly. Back in the day, our moms wore tent-like shirts and everything oversized to accommodate the belly and also hide it. Being pregnant is seriously one of the best experiences I’ve ever been lucky enough to have, and it’s a time when you can look so beautiful…just in a different way. So, I think it’s great to wear pieces that flatter and show off the belly. I’ve bought a few maternity-specific pieces, like some tees, basic cotton dresses, and maternity jeans.

Isabella Oliver in the UK makes some amazing staples, and a good pair of designer maternity jeans or shorts will take you through most of your pregnancy. Since I’ve been pregnant all summer, I’ve mostly worn lot of regular (non-maternity) maxi dresses. This is the one time that the empire waistline actually looks good on me, as I would have never wore them before!

Longer cotton maxi dresses are the best way to show off the bump while still giving you some room to play with color and pattern…and still have something you can wear after the baby arrives. Also, accessorize…since those are items you definitely won’t outgrow as you grow!

September 23, 2011

Fringe Bags for Every Budget

Photo Credit: via coutureclosetny

It's time to take a style cue from some boho beauties, like Kate Moss and Olivia Wilde. For the past few seasons, lots of Hollywood trendsetters have been wearing fringe purses - including on-the-shoulder styles as well as crossbody fringe bags.

Fall 2011 marks a resurgence on the fringe handbag trend.

Matthew Williamson and Isabel Marant included fringe satchels in their spring collections, and the trend works well with your carefree, chic fall ensembles.

Wear a fringe bag on your shoulder like Halle Berry, Vanessa Hudgens and Kate Moss. Or, try it in a crossbody style or even try a fringe clutch.

Regardless of how you wear the fringe bag trend, you'll instantly add a dose of West coast cool to your outfit.

For around $25, this boho chic bag, that I found at Macy's, includes allover fringe with a gold chain strap. This bag comes in brown and black color options. I'll call the bag casually cool with a subtle glam vibe.

For under $75, this black fringe Lulu's bag has a similar look to the fantastic bag that Kate Moss is carrying in the photo above.

The 2 designer options for fringe bags are unbelievably awesome. I think the See by Chloe fringe bag (pictured at right) is absolutely to die for! Totally gorgeous, but it will cost you as it is around $300. This small, cherry suede shoulder bag is perfect for a party or an everyday off-duty look.

If you are looking for a super chic designer crossbody fringe bag, look no longer! This outta-this-world CC Skye fringe bag exudes cool 70s-inspired style. The bag comes in camel or black leather - I must say I prefer the camel because the leather looks so luxe and amazing.

Any of these fringe bags will add hippie/bohemian elements to your otherwise contemporary look, resulting in an on trend, sophisticated outfit.

September 22, 2011

YS Look of the Week

Photo Credit: via fashionpatrol

Sienna Miller in Christian Dior

P.S. Have you entered the k.slademade clutch giveaway yet? Details here.

Spotlight on: Tili bags Collection 2

Are you in the know about tili bags?

Tili bags are functional and fashionable reusable, zip & seal plastic bags in fun colors and patterns. They come in 2 convenient sizes (quart and gallon).

I first found out about tili bags about a year ago, and wrote about the first collection here on the blog - see "The Better Plastic Bag."

Back in 2010, I said: "It's basically a decorated plastic bag. Genius!"

After being featured here on the YS blog last year, tili bags have been catching on, and the bags have been featured in Instyle, on the TODAY show, and more.

And, as if their first collection of bags weren't fantastic enough, tili bags collection 2 is now available in a variety of new colors and patterns (see photo at left; and photo below for collection 2 tili bags).

Shop the second collection of tili bags here. For those of you who already adore tili bags, you'll still be able to shop the original bag patterns/colors from the first collection. But, after seeing the new colors {hunter-teal; orange-purple; blue-chocolate} you'll want to snatch these new bags up for travel or everyday use.

Now, with the second collection revealed, I say this: "Tili bags are perfect for the girl-on-the-go. Put your makeup, toothbrush, toiletries, or even a wet swimsuit in a tili bag the next time you travel."

tili bags collection 2, c/o tili bags

September 21, 2011

Look for Less: Tuxedo Trend

The tuxedo trend is here to stay! Trendsetters like Alexa Chung, Rihanna, Ashley Olsen (pictured at left) have all been spotted wearing black tuxedo blazers.

A basic black tuxedo blazer is an amazingly versatile piece to add to your fall wardrobe.

While a white tuxedo blazer is certainly a chic piece as well, I recommend starting off with basic black tuxedo blazer - you can wear it over a printed maxi dress, or with a bow blouse and flare jeans.

While you can certainly spend a thousand dollars or more for a couture tuxedo blazer (Burberry, Jean Paul Gaultier & more), you don't have to a bundle to try the tuxedo trend.

You can get a fabulous tuxedo blazer for less than $100. The majorly cool Zara tuxedo blazer (pictured below) will give you the same look that Ashley Olsen rocked earlier this month.

The Zara black tuxedo blazer will cost you around 100 bucks, and the blazer will go with everything in your closet to create numerous fashion forward looks.

Spend a bit more and buy this chic, streamlined Topshop tuxedo blazer. This blazer is very sophisticated, and would look fantastic with a bow blouse in a rich fall color, like plum or bordeaux and 70s inspired trousers.

Photo Credit: via famewatcher

September 19, 2011

An Interview with Hallelu founder Catherine Yearwood

For those of you who love fashion and still want to stay on budget, get ready to be totally wowed by Hallelu, a clothing and accessories boutique dedicated to on trend styles. This chic online boutique also has a brick-and-mortar store in beautiful Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Catherine Yearwood, founder of Hallelu, dishes to Young Sophisticates about style tips, trends, and her fall fashion picks.

What are some of your best style tips for girls on a budget?

· First and foremost, shop at Hallelu, of course! We always have amazing quality items and great prices!

· Look at what you have in your closet with new eyes. Find creative ways to transform what you have to look new again. For example, I had a long skirt that I never wore so I got it tailored in the front to go with the hi-lo trend (get the look with this hi-lo dress in teal). Or, layer sweaters over dresses, add fun tights to shorts, belt a long top over a pencil skirt to add dimension...

· Shop vintage. There are so many treasures at Goodwill! Look for good construction & things that can be easily altered.

· Add accessories. A simple accessory can update an entire look. Add a collar necklace to a button up shirt, or snakeskin cuff to a LBD!

· Lipstick & Hair! If you are really on a tight budget, then find fun ways to style your hair (thank you, youtube). Lipstick can instantly change the feel of anything you are wearing. I will put on neon pink lipstick when I am wearing cutoffs and a tank and suddenly feel ready to face the world, haaa!

Describe your personal style.

Fun, girly, colorful, laid back. I definitely don’t take myself too seriously so my style changes daily. I get dressed based on my mood. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.

How would you describe the Hallelu customer?

I think the Hallelu girl is fun loving, experimental with fashion, but always tasteful.

Long and Lean shift dress in black (also avail. in gray); $24 at Hallelu {buy it here}

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Hallelu

What are your favorite fall items from Hallelu (all under $100)?

· Fringe Ankle Boots

· Knit Maxi Skirt

· Leopard Jacket

· Faux Leather Jacket

· Rust-colored Denim

· A Simple Shift Dress

What fall trends are you most excited about?

· I am so excited that color is sticking around for fall! I get so bored with the usual grays and blacks so I think all the color on the fall runways was so refreshing to see.

· Leopard: I have always been a fan of this enticing animal print, and it is everywhere this season! From jackets to tights to nail color!

· Ladylike: We are seeing a big resurgence of all things feminine. Peter pan collars, fur, sequins, feathers, pointy toe flats...I love it all!

k.slademade giveaway!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of k.slademade

It's time for an exciting new giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a k.slademade foldover clutch! The best part is that the winner will be able to select the foldover clutch in the color of her choice. It comes in copper, cream/neon, peach, teal, and blue.

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September 16, 2011

Look for Less: Jessica Biel

Sometimes, the simplest outfits can be the most sophisticated. Think back to style icon Audrey Hepburn's signature black cigarette pants and flats, or think about Jennifer Aniston's mostly neutral wardrobe.

Flare jeans and a white blouse may seem basic and boring, but it comes together for a polished, pretty look.

Jessica Biel looks chic in this unfussy combination of a white bow blouse, Paige Denim flare jeans, and a black leather studded bag.

Get her look with this simply chic Tibi Easy Bow Top. This white blouse has the right amount of femininity and still looks modern.

Readers hoping to get the look for less will be happy to find this 70's feeling ASOS blouse (pictured below). Spend around $50 to get this gorgeous, boho-chic white bow blouse. This tie collar blouse is totally on trend for fall, and will still be on trend this spring as well!

Jessica Biel is wearing Paige High Rise Bell Canyon jeans.

If you don't want to buy designer jeans to get in on the flare jean trend, I recommend going over to GAP and picking up some flare jeans there.

For the studded hobo, get this black studded hobo from Sorial for less than $150.

If you already have a black hobo, carry that bag and then think about adding an edgy studded ring - like this gold Sashi Rocker Stud ring for around 50 bucks.

Photo Credit: via instyle; via ASOS

September 15, 2011

Get the Look: Snakeskin

Right now, the fashion world is crazy about snakeskin as the new gotta-have-it animal print. While leopard print remains a wardrobe staple, snakeskin feels fresh, cool and edgier than other animal prints.

Ultimate trendsetter Kate Moss wears her snakeskin dress under a white blazer, with a black Chanel purse and pointy toed heels.

Get the look with this LOVERS + FRIENDS Lola Mini Dress in Snakeskin. The snakeskin print v-neck dress, with 3/4 length sleeves hits just the right style note. Style similarly to Kate; feel free to substitute a black blazer instead of a white blazer.

If you don't like wearing print dresses, and prefer to stick to neutral separates, try the snakeskin trend with this chic Jess Rizzuti clutch (pictured below). The handcrafted clutch is called the Fiona Baguette in black.

By the way, up-and-coming handbag designer Jess Rizzuti is certainly one to keep an eye on. Her clutches are sleek, cool, and one-of-a-kind.

So whether you confidently wear a snakeskin dress with neutral accessories, or solid color clothing with snakeskin accessories, embrace this trend in style!

Photo Credits: via WardrobeMag; courtesy of Jess Rizzuti

September 14, 2011

Look for Less: Chevron Rug + Ikat Chair

Even if you consider yourself a girly girl, you have to admit this masculine bedroom from Decor Pad is beautiful and sophisticated.

The textured wallpaper, antique dresser, and neutral colors complement each other perfectly. My favorite part of the room has to be the rug along with the arm chair and ottoman. The combination definitely makes the room pop.

Chevron and ikat have to be my two favorite patterns. Chevron print is so classic and offers a fun alternative to plain stripes. Ikat print is great because it comes in so many variations and the ethnic feel really grounds a room and provides interest. These two strong patterns work so well in this room because they are in the same navy and white tones. The monochromatic look keeps the patterns from clashing and looking too busy.

You could also substitute gray for the navy - see the photos below - and keep white as the neutral color; and then add a pop of yellow as an accent color, for a cool, contemporary look.

Luckily, both of these patterns are in high demand and you can find them everywhere at the moment! I found various chevron rugs, all at different price points. For those of you who want to splurge a bit, there's Anthropologie's Infinite Chevrons Rug.

West Elm's Zigzag Rug and Urban Outfitters' Zigzag Printed Rug are also good options for those of you wanting to find a great deal.

The Urban Outfitter's rug (pictured at right) starts at only $39 for a 3 x 5 rug. And, how chic does this rug look in gray?

There are plenty of ikat print chairs, but, to achieve the feel of this room, I stuck to prints with simpler color schemes.

West Elm's Henry Arm Chair (pictured below) in ikat feather gray/flax is definitely my favorite. West Elm offers a line of several upholstered chairs that give you the option of selecting the fabric you want. I've always been a fan of the ikat print in feather gray and flax. It would look amazing with the gray and white chevron zigzag printed rug from Urban Outfitter's (pictured above). Another great pick is the Slipper Chair from Urban Outfitter's in Indigo Ikat. I love the detail in the design as well as the ink blue color, a perfect companion to navy.

Photo Credits: via DecorPad; Urban Outfitter's via HelloAmazing; West Elm

With these pieces, keep the rest of the room neutral and you'll have a gorgeous bedroom in your place.

Get more of Marche's tips on interior design, fashion and more at her fabulous blog, EyeCandy. And, remember to look for her interior design column here on Young Sophisticates!

September 13, 2011

Runway Inspiration: Christian Siriano

Photo Credit: Christian Siriano Spring 2012, via studded hearts

In honor of New York Fashion Week, I thought I would focus this week's runway inspiration on one of my favorite spring 2012 collections shown thus far.

Allow me to go on a Project Runway tangent for a second. Christian Siriano won Project Runway, but that was only the beginning for this young designer. In my opinion, Christian is the most talented designer ever to be featured on Project Runway. Well, enough about that.

The Spring 2012 collection's color palette included a magnificent lime and coral orange mixed in with simple neutrals like white and nude.

The simplicity and glamour of this collection left me wanting everything!

The accessories featured in the show came from Payless. Yes, that's right Payless. Christian Siriano designs a line of accessories for Payless. Check out my favorite pair of Christian Siriano for Payless shoes. They'll cost you only 30 bucks. Such a steal!!

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