January 18, 2012

Look for Less: Ashley Olsen

Photo Credits: via Olsens Anonymous

For the next few weeks, you'll need plenty of clever warm ensembles to get you through winter. Why not mix things up with a trendy, cool faux fur snood, paired with a grey hoodie and purple blazer and jeans/trousers? If you are wondering "what's a snood?," it's basically a scarf that goes in a circle.

Ashley Olsen wears a grey hoodie, purple jacket, and fur snood (in the photo above) - and she makes it all look edgy and sophisticated. Get Ashley Olsen's look with these budget-friendly, fashion-forward items (nothing over $200)!

Get the look for less with this chic ASOS faux fur snood. It's budget-friendly at less than $30. Such a good deal!!

Wear it with a Topshop grey knit hoodie (or if you're willing to spend more, T by Alexander Wang hooded poncho in heather grey), and an opened up J. Crew schoolboy blazer in navy. Such a stylish combination!

Ashley Olsen's purple blazer is pretty fantastic, but a borrowed-from-the-boys basic navy blue blazer will work for this look, and you'll get lots of mileage out of this classic and cool style staple. Finish the look with denim or your favorite pair of trousers, if your feeling adventurous.

For more styling and shopping ideas on how to pull off the whole blazer + snood look, get more ideas on this personal style blog and Vogue's The Social Shopper.

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  1. Love the Olsen twins - their fashion is #totesamaze

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist