February 20, 2012

Spotlight on: Inslee By Design

You may already be familiar with Inslee By Design and Inslee Haynes' fashion illustrations. Her cards and calendars have been celebrated by stylish fashionistas since 2005. Inslee has designed a new flat correspondence card, Valenciennes; this ultra-feminine card design was inspired by the delicate beauty of French bobbin-lace.

Inslee tells us about her thought process behind creating the Valenciennes design. She says, "[w]hen I decided to create this card I was brainstorming about a design that would appeal to all sorts of women. I knew I wanted to illustrate something different, and less specific, than my usual sketches of fashion figures. I wanted something simpler, but still classic and feminine."

Inslee continues: "[t]o me, the type of girl who takes time to write hand written notes in this fast-paced email world is the type of girl who dreams of someday wearing her great grandmother's lace veil at her wedding and keeps scallop edged linens in her bathroom - the type of girl who has a traditional sense of womanly values and carefully honed attention to detail. The intricate beauty of fine lace reminds me of the delicate kindness of a handwritten note. The two seemed to go hand in hand. It was this line of thought that ultimately inspired this card design."

cards c/o Inslee By Design

Inslee has also given us an exclusive sneak peak of a new card design in the works... it's tribute to the arm party! Browse and shop Inslee's illustrations, calendars and cards here. PS, you might want to check out Inslee's tumblr to see her gorgeous illustrations from NYFW!!