March 26, 2012

5 Questions With: Designer Wes Gordon

Up-and-coming designer Wes Gordon has been profiled in Vogue and you can shop his eponymous line at Bergdorf's, Harrods, and Saks. Want to know more?

Wes Gordon's designs convey a sense of luxury, timeless elegance and sophistication with a young, modern edge. After seeing his collections, it's easy to see why Wes Gordon is widely considered a rising star in fashion. We chatted with the talented young designer about his Fall Collection, his Southern roots and more...

What was the inspiration behind the Fall 2012 collection?

WES GORDON: I loved the idea of Rooney Mara as 'Great Expectations' Estella. The collection was very romantic and elegant, but dark and slightly disheveled at the same time.

Did you have a particular color palette in mind for the Fall Collection? What colors did you decide to work with?

WG: Fall tends to be a bit darker by nature. The fabrics I used (brocades, embroidered wools, heavy cashmere) were done in rich hues of oxblood, malachite, saffron, and aubergine.

Do you have a favorite piece that you’ve designed?

WG: Impossible to pick! Tailoring is my passion so for fall I'm always especially proud of our coats.

You were raised in Atlanta. How have your Southern roots influenced your style?

WG: The South has an aesthetic and elegance that is unlike anywhere else - there's definitely a distinct romance and drama that is present in my designs.

You recently received FGI’s Rising Star Award for women’s ready-to-wear, tying with designer Misha Nonoo. How did you react when you got the call that you won? How did you celebrate after winning the award?

WG: It was a huge honor to be recognized by FGI in a room full of people I admire so much - Ralph Rucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Nina Garcia, and many others. As for celebrating – it was straight back to the studio to finish my Fall Collection in time for Fashion Week!

Photo Credit: Wes Gordon portrait, Fall 2012 Collection Images - Courtesy of Wes Gordon

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  1. Such a wonderful interview! Thanks for sharing.

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