March 7, 2012

Hello, Graffiti!

Photo Credit: via Searching for Style

Normally I'm all about the pretty, but I really appreciate French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier's tireless efforts to push fashion forward (despite sometimes going a bit too far, in my opinion - ahem, remember the recent Amy Winehouse homage controversy).

There's something about this edgy street vibe look; mixed with the hot pink fur throw (from the Fall 2012 collection), it just works! Sometimes, fashion needs to go in sort of a whack direction to make sense.

What do you think? Is this runway look CRAZY or COOL?


  1. I love the blazer! Hope to see more of this print in the near future!! xoxo Minnie&Daisy

  2. i really love this look! i'm not crazy about the velvet tights (weird color) but i love the layered graffiti print
    in dramatic fashion