May 3, 2012

5 Questions with: Olivier Green

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Olivier Green

If you watched Season 9 of Project Runway, you already know Olivier Green and his cooly refined designs.

After competing on the show, Olivier Green (pictured above, with models at the Fall 2012 presentation) is now making a name for himself as a New York-based fashion designer, creating strong and chic pieces that you'll definitely want to add to your closet.

In this exclusive Q&A, Olivier Green talks about his latest collection, what inspires him, and what it's like to compete on Project Runway.

You competed in Season 9 of Project Runway. What was that experience like? Do you still keep in touch with any of the designers from your season?

Olivier Green: It was a very intense experience. I had just arrived in New York and suddenly I was put into this isolated environment where we work 16-20 hours a day for months. Of course, during the process, I learned tremendously about my potential and also from other designers. It's definitely a very special experience that I probably won't encounter in the future. Surprisingly I'm still in good relationships with many of the designers. I talk to Viktor regularly as he's in New York. I'm also in touch with Anthony, Laura, Bert... etc.

In five words or less, how would you describe your design aesthetic?

OG: Modern, Forward, Protective, Subtle and Empowering.

What was your inspiration for the fall 2012 collection?

OG: I was inspired by a futuristic fantasy. I thought how women would dress in their daily reaction with the modern lifestyle and our relation with the busy lifestyle and the tough environment.

Did you have a particular color palette in mind for the fall collection? What colors did you decide to work with?

OG: Yes, my color palette was a very cool shades of the night sky. Different tones of violets, indigo and metallic grays and blacks.

What kind of woman do you want to see wearing your clothes?

OG: When I start my design process I always imagine an intelligent and confident girl who works in a big city. She is perhaps in the creative industry, leading a busy lifestyle and enjoys being around people.


  1. Loved this Q&A! A very inspirational designer.

    Kate {Something Fabulous}