May 7, 2012

Decor Inspiration

Designed by Kerri Russel and Shane Deary

Hi Sophisticates! Viv here with the fourth installment of Decor Inspiration. I've always believed that the kitchen is the center of a home. Do you agree?

Whenever K and I host a dinner party we find that people love to conglomerate in the kitchen. It's very curious, but it always holds true (in my opinion). For this reason I love the idea of having a casual dining nook right next to the kitchen. These spaces are a perfect example of the contemporary, cozy feel I want in my own kitchen.

Designed by Steven Gambrel

Designed by Joseph Abatti

Designed by Nate Berkus

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  1. I agree - the kitchen is always the center of the party! Beautiful ideas, thank you Viv!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}