May 15, 2012

Get the Look: Floral Print Chair

Photo Credit: Interior Design by Angie Hranowsky via LonnyMag

Inspired by this luxe and lovely room featured in LonnyMag, we're loving floral print chairs.

While we know that dual matching floral benches, like the ones pictured above, might not fit in a small space, try adding a floral upholstered chair in your living room or bedroom.

Get the look with this Anthropologie floral chair (pictured at right) - it's youthful, easygoing, and a tad bit bohemian (in that perfect vintage way).

Covered in fresh and fun prints, floral chairs and benches seem fresh and fun, and especially appropriate during spring and summer.

Go in a more "new Traditional" direction with this Anthropologie Grafton chair -- the shape of the chair is all traditional, evoking almost a Louis XV shape, but the embroidered flowers on the upholstery give it a relevant twist.

Both the chairs are Anthro picks and expensive (a girl can always admire the finer things)-- that's because they were just too cute not to pass along to you. But, like I always say, don't be afraid to use what you have.

DIY'ers, think about giving new life to an old chair by reupholstering in a contemporary, floral fabric.

What do you think about this look? Love it or leave it?


  1. I love the floral chairs in the photo! I think they are gorgeous, but it depends on the print. x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  2. I love the room in the picture! But I think they could be too season-specific and not versatile enough to be used throughout the year. It's a lot easier to change knick knacks rather than furniture!