August 13, 2012

Runway Retrospective

As I (Cristina) write this post, I'm totally and utterly enthralled in (can you guess?) the Olympics! Amazed by the gymnasts impressed by the runners and in awe of the trampolinists (did anyone see how high they jump?!). So the inspiration for this post? Red, white, blue, and of course gold! It looks like Michael Kors may have been channeling Olympians when he designed his Resort 2013 collection. 

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As an American sportswear designer at the top of his game (pun fully intended), I would have loved to see his designs at the Olympics! Just imagine the leotards and the swimwear he could create, his one pieces are always to die for.

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  1. Gorgeous!! I'm so sad the games are over! At least I still have the closing ceremonies to watch on my DVR...and they look sooo good! xo