October 3, 2012

5 Questions with: Marissa Webb

Photo Credit: Peter Ash Lee; Joe Schildhorn / Billy Farrell Agency

Marissa Webb, the former Head of Womenswear and Apparel Design at J. Crew, launched her own eponymous line last month during New York Fashion Week

In our exclusive interview, the talented designer talks about the inaugural Marissa Webb collection (Spring 2013), her design aesthetic and what's next for her line. 

What was the inspiration behind the Spring 2013 collection?

MARISSA WEBB: It was my first collection so it was important to me to set the tone for the brand and showcase the overall feel and style that the Marissa Webb line embodies.  I’m drawn to mixing contrasting elements such as structured leather with gauzy silk and whimsical, feminine with masculine.  The contrast of architecture and nature is more of a theme for the label then just the inspiration for Spring '13.

Your first collection featured black leather in quite a few looks to great effect. How does the Marissa Webb woman wear leather?

MW: The Marissa Webb woman wears leather anyway that makes her feel confident and comfortable. I personally wear leather all year round and like to balance it with something soft, something that “contradicts” but at the same time compliments the harder edge of leather.  

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

MW: My design aesthetic is playing with opposing elements and adding a little twist to something that otherwise might be considered “ordinary”. For example, using a “feminine” fabric and putting it into a jacket with moto details, or using leather to create a tutu skirt.

Tell us about those amazing shoes we saw in your spring 2013 collection? How can we get our hands on a pair of those stunners?

MW: That’s a very nice compliment! Especially since they were designed at the last minute, once I realized we were heading to [Mercedes Benz] fashion week! What were the models going to stand in? My favorite part about them is our signature black sole with the ivory stripe. It makes a statement while you’re walking away. [The shoes] will be available on our e-commerce website for spring.

What’s next for your line?

MW: It’s just the beginning and so much to accomplish and so much to learn. I’m taking it one day at a time. I’m now focusing on our next season and looking forward to the day I see someone in a Marissa Webb piece.  Once that happens, I think it will all feel much more real to me. 


  1. She is so talented. I can't wait to see what the future holds for her career!!


  2. odličan intervju. jako mi se sviđaju njene stvari, stvarno talentirana žena :))))

  3. Oh, wow! This is awesome! I'm loving the looks your posted and am definitely going to have to look her new line up. She has such great style!