February 12, 2013

5 Questions with: Matthew Edelstein

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Friends & Associates - portrait of Matthew Edelstein, by Jennifer Livingston; lookbook photos by Hugh Lippe

Designer Matthew Edelstein launched his line, Friends & Associates, for Resort 2013. The line is full of pieces inspired by uniform dressing, with a nod to American sportswear. 

We asked the designer about personal style, Friends & Associates' inaugural collection, and his design aesthetic.

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How would you describe your design aesthetic? 

MATTHEW EDELSTEIN: Modern and fun.  Fashion can be so serious, I think there's a place for clothes that have an easygoing spirit.  Friends & Associates is a joyful modernity.  

What makes great personal style? 

EDELSTEIN: Great personal style is about confidence.  If you don't think you look amazing in what you're wearing no one else will. 

What was the inspiration behind the Resort 2013 collection?
EDELSTEIN: Resort 2013 is about uniform dressing.  We use uniforms as a starting point to create a wardrobe of singular pieces that work together as a system.  

We take elements from sport, military andworkwear uniforms and envision new pieces that can live outside those specific environments.  

Uniform dressing is a concept that solves problems and makes getting dressed easier.  When you find something you know is going to work it should be available in a range of colors and fabrics from season to season.  It's a civilian uniform.  

Tell us about the color palette in the Resort 2013 collection? 

EDELSTEINThey're crayon colors: hunter green, sky blue, gold, fire engine red, hot pink, purple.  Mixing play colors with black and ivory makes it grown up.  Sophistication from naivete.

There's a strong sense of athleticism and sport in your inaugural collection. Do you feel that sportswear is integral to the brand or more specific to the Resort 2013 collection? 

EDELSTEINAmerican fashion is about great sportswear.  At Friends & Associates, we build on that sportswear tradition and bring it to a new place.  Resort 2013 touches on elements from uniforms: sport, military, martial arts, workwear...even cheerleaders.  We take these inspirations and give them a twist with color and proportion to create something unexpected.  

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