April 19, 2013

Homes that Work

Whether you are a serious audiophile or just a casual listener, a well displayed, easy to access music collection is one way to add a dose of sophistication to your home. Hi again, all you 'Young Sophisticates'! Erin here from Holtwood Hipster, back again with another installment of Homes That Work. Today, we're focusing on creating a sound-bar music station that will help keep music streaming through your own home. 

Digital files have made us accustomed to listening to our favorite music while driving in the car or on headphones from the treadmill. But why not get back to your roots and dust off that old LP collection handed down to you from your parents and spin a few records while at the stove making dinner? Fuss-free organization via crates, baskets and shelves makes it easy to incorporate both old classics and new favorites without taking up too much of your living space. 

Cover art is cool and often a less expensive alternative to pricey prints and posters. Supplement your gallery wall with favorite album artwork and create a conversation-worthy display.  

Not all collections must be out and on display. Built-ins, such as the one above, offer a streamlined look, while still allowing easy turntable and receiver access.  In my own home, we actually have turned an entire closet into a dedicated media area, giving us ample space and the convenience of a sound-bar, without any visible clutter.

Music tastes can say so much about your personality. Similarly, the way you choose to wire up and showcase your collection infuses personality into your living space. Whether you're strictly vintage or prefer only the latest and greatest in audio equipment and gadgetry, there are so many ways to highlight your personal design style to ensure that music - your way - is easily incorporated into downtime routines at home. 

Expansive collections make a strong visual impact, but they also can make entertaining easy. Let your friends play DJ at your next gathering and rediscover their old favorites among your collection. 

Whether you prefer solely to just dock your iPod and let your favorite playlist rip or spin deep cut B-sides by artists you listened to as a kid, there are plenty of ways to trick out your in-home sound-bar. Hop on over to Holtwood Hipster where today, I'm sharing some of my favorite audio accessory picks.

Find more home decor inspiration on Erin's blog, Holtwood Hipster. And, remember to look for her "Homes that Work" column here on Young Sophisticates!

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  1. How about some creative ideas for dealing with the piles of CDs and DVDs that many people have? The tower style storage commonly available is pretty awful....