July 1, 2013

Decor Inspiration

Preciously Me for Young Sophisticates : Console Accessories 

Bonjour, Young Sophisticates readers! I'm Nadia from Preciously Me and today I will share with you my ideas on how to add accessories to your console to give it a more interesting, inspired look. A lot of people have a console at home, but often do not know how to decorate it. Wherever the console is, whether in an entrance hall, living room or another room, we often tend to put the same objects on this furniture. It's hard to go wrong if you want to tastefully accessorize a console.

Preciously Me for Young Sophisticates : Console Accessories Preciously Me for Young Sophisticates : Console Accessories 

Here are 5 accessories that you can place on your console without going wrong:
Preciously Me for Young Sophisticates : Console Accessories 
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1- A pretty lamp and if you have a large console a pair of lamps will even be better. 

2- A vase. This is the perfect accessory to put fresh flowers in an entry. 

3- Above your console, you can put paintings for example but you cannot go wrong with a beautiful mirror! A mirror placed at the center of a console always looks great, it highlights the console and it is also very useful for an entry. 

4- Place lovely decorative objects, as well as coffee table books, to "dress" a console. 

5- I love any kind of boxes and I think they are perfect on a console. They adorn it and you can use them to hide things as keys in your entry for example.

Now you know what are the essential accessories to decorate beautifully a console. I hope that you will be inspired for your little home ... A très bientôt!

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  1. Love your picks Nadia! That gold and black lamp is stunning.

  2. How about that beautiful wallpaper -- perfect backdrop for just about anything! Is it Gracie wallpaper?